Fundamentals of Service Systems

Service Co-creation

This chapter provides an overview on different aspects of co-creation in a service context. The first section introduces the concept of value co-creation in service systems and elaborates on the relationship of co-creation to service value propositions, service encounters, service quality, and service productivity. Furthermore, it introduces the concept of customer relationships, as well as concepts and methods that can be applied in order to manage these relationships for co-creation with customers. The third section elaborates on the different roles a customer can play within service co-creation, and its managerial implications.


Review Questions
1. Why are service encounters important?

2. What is unique about quality and productivity in a service context?

3. What is the difference between transactional and relationship marketing?

4. What is customer relationship management and what are its components?

5. Why is customer loyalty important?

6. What are the different customer roles customers can play in service co-creation?

7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of customer participation for the service provider?